The CSO Report 2016

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We are proud to present the CSO Report 2016, thereby we launch issuing annual reports concerning the Polish official statistics operations. This brochure will bring you closer to our work and achievements. Therefore, in the reports we will present the most interesting projects and changes implemented in the statistics. We will also tell you about our history, the present and the future, as well as about out-of-work activities of our employees.

The Polish official statistics operates in an international environment which – to meet the growing demands of the users and evolving realities of statistics production – is the subject to constant development. According to the global trends, modern statistics departs from the direct data collection, but increasingly benefits from administrative data sources, such as the registers at the disposal of individual ministries, central offices and local units. The next planned step is gathering information from the “Big Data”, which is a variety of data sets. Its processing and analysis is difficult but, at the same time, valuable, as it can lead to acquiring new knowledge. This, however, requires a thorough examination of the sources to obtain reliable, high-quality data suitable to be presented to you. In this booklet you will find information about this and other matters.

I wish you a pleasant reading of the report.

Dominik Rozkrut, PhD

The President of  Statistics Poland