Development directions of Polish Official Statistics until 2017

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The official statistics system constitutes one of the fundamental public and countrywide elements of the state’s information system, which has vast amount of data at its disposal, and ensures the necessary level of information security for the society, the economy, and the country.

However, the changing reality poses new challenges for statistics. These concern both the information scope of statistical surveys and the adaption of these for recipients’ needs. These also must recognise the changes taking place in the environment, as well as the timeliness and high quality of the provided data. It is essential that official statistics gathers and disseminates not only the statistical data which describes socio-economic phenomena and the processes which took place in the past, but in meeting the recipients’ expectations, provides information suitable for current analysis and projections.

An additional challenge for statistics, with the growing expectations regarding information, is the emphasis put on reducing respondent burden related to statistical obligations, while limiting the cost of conducting surveys. In order to tackle these tasks, a coordinated, scheduled, and long-term action is required. Following this assumption, Statistics Poland prepared this document, entitled: Development Directions of Polish Official Statistics until 2017.

It is the first edition of such document. Its aim is to inform participants in the official statistics system, its respondents and recipients of statistical information, about its strategic objectives, as well as its operational objectives and planned development actions until 2017. Furthermore, it is aimed at strengthening the positioning of Polish official statistics as a modern, efficient and effective element of the national information system.