Civil Service Director of Statistics Poland Anna Borowska

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Civil Service Director of Statistics Poland Anna Borowska directly supervises the work of:

  • Administration and Budget Department with subject to President's direct supervision as first-level disposer of budget funds,
  • Organisation and Personnel Office,
  • Office of the President on matters of control, internal audit, keeping archival matters.

tel. +48 22 608-31-19, fax 825-25-05

The Civil Service Director of Statistics Poland performs the tasks specified in the Act of 21 November 2008 for the civil service (Journal of Laws No. 227, item 1505, as amended), which include:

  1. Ensuring the functioning and the continuity of the Office’s operation, and the conditions for it's operation and work organisation, in particular by means of:
    1. direct supervision over departments in terms of the proper performance of their tasks as specified by the President of Statistics Poland,
    2. organisational supervision of the progress of work on the timely preparation of the draft budget and the detailed specification for that part of the budget concerning Statistics Poland,
    3. applying to the President of Statistics Poland for issuing the organisational regulations of Statistics Poland,
    4. establishing the internal regulations of departments and working regulations,
    5. managing the property of Statistics Poland, including the commissioning of services and making purchases and ensuring the keeping of the property register of the Office,
    6. performing the function of the head of the awarding entity under the Act of 29 January 2004 - Public Procurement Law (Journal of Laws No. 19 item 177, as amended),
    7. representing the State Treasury in relation to the property of Statistics Poland,
    8. supervision over the performance of the internal audit and inspection in Statistics Poland,
    9. ensuring the observance of regulations on statutory confidentiality, including statistical confidentiality and state and professional secrets,
    10. ensuring the observance of the rules of legal technicalities. 
  2. The Civil Service Director performs actions in the area of labour law in relation to persons employed in Statistics Poland and carries out personnel policy, in particular by means of:
    1. devising the human resources management programme for Statistics Poland,
    2. performing actions resulting from establishing and continuing employment relationships with members of civil services, and actions connected with the termination of employment relationships,
    3. organising recruitment for vacant official positions,
    4. managing the bonus fund,
    5. administering the company social benefits fund in Statistics Poland.

Furthermore, Civil Service Director of Statistics Poland:

  • reports directly to the President of Statistics Poland,
  • represents Office in the aforementioned matters, also in common and administrative courts, and issues the necessary powers of attorney,
  • issues orders, and can authorise in writing the directors of departments and other employees to make decisions on the matters included in the duties of the Civil Service Director of the Office,
  • is administrator of the Office's budget funds, acts as the third-level disposer, and manages financial resources obtained by Statistics Poland,
  • cooperates with the trade-union organisation operating in Statistics Poland on matters provided for in separate provisions for the directors of work establishments,
  • performs other than the aforementioned tasks on the authorisation of the President of Statistics Poland, defined from time to time by the President of Statistics Poland,
  • performs direct supervision over the work of the organisational units of the Office,
  • after consulting the President of Statistics Poland, appoints the Department Director to perform his/her duties during his/her absence.

Organizational structure of Statistics Poland